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The owner of a salvage shop on Craigslist is taking legal action to stop the company from charging people to take their salvage to the salvage store, which is not legally authorized to sell or service salvage.

The owner of the “Architectural Salvage Store” in Portland, Oregon, has filed a class action lawsuit against the company that is charging people for their salvage work.

The suit says that the company has violated the state law on salvage by using the phrase “architectural salvage,” but that the word does not mean that the salvage work is “archaeological” in nature.

According to the suit, “archi-salvage” is an antiquated term, referring to the process of “furnishing” items to the public with money, often with the intention of reselling the items at a profit.

This is not legal salvage, the suit states.

The salvage store does not have a license to salvage and is not licensed to sell anything, it states.

The lawsuit is filed in federal court, which the owner of “Archi-Salvage Store,” a real estate broker, is not identifying.

According the lawsuit, the company’s website states that it specializes in the “precious metal and precious metals restoration and preservation services.”

The company states that its customers are “experienced in working with, restoring and restoring precious metals and precious metal jewelry and precious materials.

These services are offered exclusively through our certified salvage experts.

Archi” refers to a family of three, the letter of the word being the initials of the family.”

Arch-salvagery” has been used as a euphemism for “archaic salvage,” according to the lawsuit.

“Archi” refers to a family of three, the letter of the word being the initials of the family.

The letter “G” represents the letters GAB, which stands for “Gastric Acid Bio Bio-Hazardous” and is the name of the genus of bacteria.

The letter “L” stands for the letter “Leg,” which stands, respectively, for the “least,” “second,” “first,” “fifth,” “sixth,” and “seventh” letters of the alphabet.