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By now, you’ve probably heard the news that the new Queen of England has announced her intentions to step down, a decision which will be announced in a televised ceremony on Monday, February 10.

It’s not a big deal, though.

The news has been around for weeks, with the news breaking on a whim on Twitter and the BBC in December, and a series of subsequent news stories, including one from the Telegraph in May, have confirmed that the queen will indeed be stepping down.

We’re all used to the Queen of Britain stepping down, and she’s been here for a while, but she’s never gone before, and this is an extraordinary announcement, the queen’s spokesman said, confirming that the Queen will leave the throne in 2019.

So the news has caught the public’s attention, but how will the rest of the country react?

First of all, we’ll have to wait for the news on the queen, which will not be announced until Monday, and it’s unclear what the reaction will be to her decision.

If she’s still in office, she’ll be a monarch for life, and her successor will be likely to be her husband, Prince Charles.

But she will be far from the first British monarch to depart the throne without announcing her departure.

In 1790, the then Duke of Gloucester left the throne to take up a job as an assistant to his father-in-law.

But the queen has not been a monarch since, and the Duke of Norfolk left office in 2021.

And, as well as her being an outsider, the Queen’s decision to step aside will also be a departure from the traditions of the British monarchy, as a monarchy does not come into being when a successor is chosen.

This is an unusual event, with no precedent for a royal successor in British history.

In the case of George VI, the King’s youngest son, his death in 1952 meant that the succession was left to the Earl of Windsor, a fellow Scot.

But the fact that she’s not leaving is not the only thing that’s different.

She has never been crowned queen, and in the United Kingdom the country’s first queen, Elizabeth I, was never crowned either.

A second-generation monarch, Queen Victoria is the longest-serving monarch in British British history, with her reign ending with her death in 1950.

She was succeeded by a succession of female successors, including two queens, Victoria II and Princess Anne, and by one monarch, the Princess Diana.

In terms of how people will react to the news, we can expect some criticism, as will the British media, which is expected to be much more negative than the coverage of the monarch’s departure from Buckingham Palace.

There’s a big difference between a royal announcement that’s newsworthy, and one that’s just the news.

What will happen in 2020?

There’s an old saying: “Nothing ever happens in the world without a cause.

But nothing happens without an event.”

And that event will be the Queen, who will step down in 2019, the same year as the Queen is due to be crowned.

But if we were to be realistic about the events of the next 10 years, we might not expect much change in the way the monarchy operates.

Historically, a Queen who has left the palace will remain the Queen and will only be able to take part in ceremonies in her honour, which are not held in public.

The coronation is, by definition, the ceremony in which the Queen becomes the head of state.

And while that may not change in 2020, the timing of the coronation could.

One of the reasons why it’s so important for the monarchy to stay the same is because it’s the only time the monarch is present.

So it’s not like you’ve got to be a professional musician to perform in public, you can just show up and take part.

The royal family are not expected to perform at the coronations, which they’ve held in private since 1789.

The only reason to have a coronation in public is if you want to show the monarch a portrait of yourself, or if you have a wedding or other event that will be held at the royal residence.

The Queen will be replaced by her brother, Prince Philip, but it’s unlikely that they will be able perform the ceremony.

The monarchy has never had a female heir, so the timing is unlikely to change in 2019 because the Queen does not have a second-born child, which means she will not inherit any of the crowns or other titles of the monarchy.

In other words, it’s still a very long way from 2020 to 2020.

Why does the monarch have to step out?

The monarchy was established in 1689 to rule Britain as a sovereign nation, and as such is the only nation that can be the head or the leader of a country.

The head is in charge of