What’s next for the church in Brooklyn? July 5, 2021 July 5, 2021 admin

Architecture magazine’s design competition winner will design a New York church, and it will include a giant granite cross that the church will erect on a pedestal.

The competition for the Church of St. John the Baptist in New York City was announced Tuesday.

The winner is to be announced Nov. 14.

The church was designed by architecture magazine’s Matthew Hirschfeld, who also designed the church for the Brooklyn Archdiocese.

It was designed in partnership with the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and was commissioned by the Brooklyn County Commission to be a landmark, Hirschfield said.

The design will include an exterior facing that will be flanked by three large granite crosses, each topped by a granite base.

Each cross will be inscribed with the name of the parishioner who served in the parish, and will be topped by an inscription that reads “The Cross of Christ.”

The cross will stand at least 5 feet tall, Hesterfeld said.

It will have a dome-shaped base, with a granite dome.

It is made of granite and will contain two large steel rods, with each rod weighing about 10 pounds.

It has a base that can support a 1,200-pound cross.

Hirschfeld said he would have to be certain the church would be safe and functional.

The cross will also be protected from weather, rain, snow, sleet and ice.

The project is not expected to cost more than $5 million.

“This project will be very symbolic of our parishioners and will mark our church’s role as a beacon for the entire borough,” said parishionee Jennifer Dallal, one of the winners.

“The cross is meant to reflect the love of God, the hope of the church and our commitment to serving the people.”

The winner will receive $1 million, and the other three winning entries will receive a $1,000, $1.5 million or $1 for each additional $1 of money.

The winning entries can then donate the money to the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Hesterfeld will design the church, which will have three floors.

The first floor will house the church’s reception area, which has a private patio, restrooms, a coffee shop and a private conference room.

The second floor will be the worship hall.

The third floor will include classrooms, a kitchen and a children’s play area.

It also will include the large granite cross.

The church will be open to the public, and Hirschfelt said that he would use a combination of lighting and archway lighting to make the exterior visible.

The outside of the building will also feature a view of the New York Harbor, Hiltons said.