Building an architectural digest is no easy feat July 5, 2021 July 5, 2021 admin

Posted October 10, 2018 04:02:03 For a group of architects and designers, building an architectural dig is no simple task.

But that hasn’t stopped some from building a digest that will allow them to track and discuss their projects.

The Digitally Decoded Digitized: Architecture Digest was launched last month by architect-architect John Lefkowitz, who describes himself as an architectural historian and researcher.

He says the digitized version is designed to give the community an opportunity to dig into their own work and share it with the world.

“The digitization of a dig is really important because I think it’s really important for architects to have this sort of online space where people can learn from each other,” Lefking said.

“Architects have to have these kinds of forums and groups that are really collaborative and have people be able to discuss, ‘How did we do this?'”

Lefkowitz says the DigitizeArchitect project is also aimed at helping architects understand their work better.

“We’ve created a database that will enable the architect to dig through the archives of his architectural projects to learn about the architecture and the people who were involved,” he said.

Architectural dig in actionIn addition to being able to search through archives, Lefkjowitz said the DigITizeArch.

Arch is also being used as a platform for community engagement.

For example, the DigITSEC project is a Digitization for the Community event that includes lectures, workshops and other activities to help connect architects with local communities.

“Architecture is a way for us to talk to each other and see what we think about architecture,” said Lefkwosse, who is also the managing director of DigITSec., a community service platform that connects architecture to the general public.

“We hope that this digitizing will help us get to know each other better, as well as provide a forum to share our own work.”

In addition, Lepley has created an online repository of architectural documents, which is being updated to include digitizations of various architectural projects.

“This has been the most important thing for me in terms of how I think about archiving my own work,” Lepleysaid.

“Because now that I’m not doing it as a hobby anymore, I’m looking at it as part of a larger project.”

Architecting Digest dig is just one of the projects that DigITSoc is currently working on.

It is also working on an online project that will collect archival documentation, including architectural drawings and photographs.