Architectural design jobs are getting more expensive, according to the latest job listings July 4, 2021 July 4, 2021 admin

More than one-third of architects in the US are working on a salary below the federal poverty line, according a report released Tuesday by the US Census Bureau.

Architectural design is the field where workers get paid most for their work.

Its a job where you are often paid less than the federal minimum wage.

In 2016, the federal government required every new building to include a floor plan that included a minimum of four to six bathrooms.

The report from the Census Bureau shows that while construction of new buildings was the fastest-growing occupation, construction of existing buildings fell to a six-year low in the previous decade.

In 2015, construction was responsible for a median of $8.29 per square foot of floor space, the lowest of any occupation.

The median income for architects in 2015 was $62,400, the report found.

Architects who work on large-scale projects also make less than their federal counterparts.

In 2015 alone, construction contractors working on the George Washington Bridge Bridge received $16.3 million, according the report.

Construction work was responsible only for about two-thirds of the total jobs in the country, the bureau found.

However, in the past few years, the field has seen a rise in construction-related jobs.

“A recent report from our Economic Outlook Center suggests that the labor market for construction contractors is becoming more competitive and the need for contractors to be more responsive to changing construction demands has increased,” said Steve Latham, the director of the bureau’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We are seeing construction jobs grow rapidly and this growth will continue as demand for these skills and skills-specific skills grows,” Latham added.

The report comes as construction workers nationwide have begun staging protests to demand better pay and benefits in the wake of the fatal stabbing of six construction workers in a string of recent violent incidents in New York and Philadelphia.

The protests have also seen construction workers take to the streets to protest rising rents, rising health care costs and the closure of many large factories.

In Washington, DC, construction workers are staging protests against rising rents in the District and the impact of the closures of many factories in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

In Philadelphia, a protest was staged by the union representing construction workers.

The construction workers plan to take to streets across the country on Tuesday, demanding that employers provide more pay, better health care and safer working conditions.