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The New York City-based architecture firm HDR Architecture has been selected by the New York Times to cover its architectural portfolio in its April issue.

The publication said the firm has been chosen because of its “willingness to examine the history and cultural heritage of the United States and the world” and its ability to “examine the architecture of the world as a whole.”

The magazine said HDR Architects was selected to cover a “diverse range of subjects” from architecture to transportation to the arts and sciences.

The firm, founded in 2013 by two former Times staff, will also feature “a special focus on urbanism,” according to the Times.

The publication said HPD Architects was chosen because it is “committed to the intersection of design and history.”

The publication noted that HDR is “one of the most active and diverse architecture firms in the United State” and has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, and Architectural American.

The magazine also said HDP Architects was “the only architecture firm in the country that has been recognized by the National Association of Historic Preservation Boards for its innovative approach to design.”

“The architecture that HPD provides is a dynamic mix of contemporary, contemporary design, and traditional styles,” the publication said.

“Its portfolio of works includes projects for public buildings, museums, parks, libraries, and other public spaces.

It also includes projects that explore and celebrate American and global cultural heritage.”

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