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What if you could build an architecture home out of LEGO bricks?

That’s the question the architects at The Architectural Company of Phoenix and the Arizona State University are asking in a new paper published in the Journal of Architecture.

They’re designing the home of a future American president to resemble a real building.

The home is designed to emulate the building of a modern American president, and its architecture is a bit of a mashup.

This is what it looks like.

It’s a mix of the building and the living room, with a lot of white space.

“The president’s office is a big open space,” said Matthew Fennell, the project architect for the home.

The President’s Office is a huge open space in this house, with many white space spaces.

Fennell said the home was inspired by the real-life design of the president, with the same white spaces.

The architects call the home “President Trump House,” and its design is inspired by a replica of the interior of the historic White House in Washington, D.C. The interior includes a massive fireplace, marble floors and a massive living room.

The architects hope the president’s residence will be a “world-class residence.”

“This is the president we know and love,” said Fennill.

A large-scale replica of Trump’s historic White, House is a centerpiece of the project.

One of the architects’ primary goals was to create a design that would mimic the architecture of a real presidential residence, rather than the architecture used by presidents and their staffs.

Here’s the President’s office.

There’s a fireplace and marble floors to the living area.

But the design doesn’t look like the one you might find in the White House.

Instead, the design has a lot more white space, with smaller open spaces.

It also has a much more open feel to it, with large windows, a big kitchen and a large bathroom.

Fennel said that the architects wanted the design to be “the exact same as the building, but a bit smaller.”

Fennill said the architects didn’t want to do anything overly elaborate with the interior.

What do you think?

Is this the architecture we want to live in?

Are we living in a time when people can actually afford to buy their own home?