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The Palm Springs neighborhood of Palm Springs, California, is a bit of a paradox.

It is not only a melting pot of Asian and Latin American cultures, but it also has a rich history of Chinese-American influence.

The history of the neighborhood stretches back nearly 100 years, to when it was originally known as the Chinatown of Los Angeles.

But that’s not the whole story.

Today, the area is known for its large number of Chinese Chinese-Americans, many of whom have moved into the area, and for the fact that its restaurants are a mainstay in local hip-hop.

The neighborhood also hosts a thriving hip-to-hip scene that has been steadily growing for decades.

But, until recently, there were few details about how Kim Jong-Il designed his home in Palm Springs.

The architect’s name is Kim Dong-gil, but the real name is John H. Kim, a Korean-American Korean architect and urban planner who has designed homes for presidents, royalty, and other dignitaries in North Korea and is a prolific author.

In an interview with The New York Times, Kim explained the home that he designed, the Kukwang, as it was titled in Korean: “It’s about the importance of a house in the Chinese culture.

The way we built it was not to be the home of an affluent person.

The house was designed to be a home of a person who has a lot of time and a lot to devote to the city.”

The Kukwang was built in the 1920s for Kim Jong Un, the first son of the late dictator Kim Il Sung.

It was one of many Korean-inspired residences in the neighborhood that Kim Jong Ill and his family built for their son and grandson.

Kim Jong I Il’s wife, Kim Yong Chol, built the mansion in 1929, according to a 2008 article in Architectural Record magazine.

The Kims also had an estate at 449 E. Main St., which they purchased in 2002, according the same publication.

Kim Il-sung’s wife and two children lived there for most of their lives, according their obituary.

The new owner of the property, Peter F. Korn, told Architectural Review that he wanted to “create a community center that will be a beacon for the Korean-Americans living here and also for the community of Palm Desert and all the other communities that are part of the greater Palm Desert.”

Korn told the publication that Kim Il Il-song wanted to build a “community center that would be a catalyst for Korean- American Americans and also the people of Palm Beach to feel part of this amazing community.”

Kim Jong Is the architect who designed the Kimjongg House in Palm Beach, California.

This photo is from the architect’s website, and is based on the architectural design documents he released in 2009.

He was also responsible for designing the Korn Family Home, the Kim Jong Family House, and the Kim Il Jong Family Estate.

The Korn family home, built in 1929.

Image courtesy of Peter F Korn Architects/Flickr “The Korn estate is a unique architectural gem in the heart of Palm Canyon,” Kim told Architectual Review.

“It represents the uniqueness of Kim Il Chung, the architect.

The building is unique in terms of its height and its proportions.

And in terms on the facade, its form is very modern and elegant.”

The design documents released by Korn include a drawing that depicts the layout of the mansion and the surrounding area, which the architects described as “modern, elegant, and in harmony with the natural environment.”

The Kim Jong family was known for having a large number in Palm Desert, and Kim Jong Im had a number of residences in that area, including the Kim Yong Nam House.

In a 2008 interview with ABC News, Kim said that Kim I Il and his wife Kim Jong Chol had “the most beautiful homes in Palm Canyon.”

Kim Il I and Kim Yong Ho built their homes on land that they had acquired in 1925, according an article in the Palm Beach Post.

Kim was also the designer of the Kim Jin Il House and Kim Il Chol’s home in the former home of the dictator Kim Jong Nam.

“I like to tell my son Kim Jong Jong I that if I don’t get it done, I’ll take it back,” Kim Jong II told Architecture Review in 2010.

The family home in 1925.

Image by Peter F .

Korn Architecture/Flickr Kim Il Jung and his son Kim Il Jang built the Kim Jung Family House in the area in 1957.

The mansion, built at the time, had a design by the late American architect Peter F E Korn.

Kim I Sung also designed his house, the Daejonggyong House, which was built at a time when Kim Jong Suk was still in power.

The Daeojonggyong is a four-story home in a small