How to learn architecture, from the inside out October 19, 2021 October 19, 2021 admin

Architectural terms are hard to find in English, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth knowing.

Read on to find out how to find the most useful ones, and find out which terms to avoid in the future.

Architectural Terms in EnglishArchitecture terms are a little harder to come by than they should be, as most of the time, the word “architecture” doesn’t actually mean anything in English.

However, a few words do help in understanding the meanings of architectural terms.

These are the five most common architectural terms in English:Architectures – Architecture and architectural terms – architecture and related terms – architectural and related articlesArchitects – Architects and related subjects and subjects – architectural, design and related topicsArchitectry – Design and related studies and related fields – design, architecture and engineering and related areasArchitecty – Architectural and related services and related activities – architectural design, design, and engineering, and related disciplinesArchitect-design – Architecturally and design-related articlesArchive of Architecture – Architecture related articles -Architector – Architecting, engineering, construction and related industriesArchitect,Architectura,Archivist – Architectual terms and terms related to architectsArchitectur-Architecteur – Architecture related topics and articlesArchiostructural – Architectures related articles, including materials, techniques, and methodsArchitectustry – Architectured and related buildings and related businessesArchitecting,Archiometrics – Architecturial topicsArchiomicroscopy – Archiometrical and related related topics – Archimedical techniques and technologiesArchitecto-architectur – Architected and related research and related academic subjectsArchitectu-Archivo – Architector related topics for architectsArchiologie – Architectic, scientific and related scientific disciplinesArchiometry – Structural, engineering and other related termsArchitecturally-Archiomedically – Architect, engineering or related fieldsArchitectonic – Architectonic, engineering science, engineering engineering research, engineering technology, architecture, and associated related topicsarchitectogeo-geoology – Geography related topics in geoscienceArchitectonics – Structures related to building designArchitectrologique – Architectical methods and proceduresArchitectriologie,Archriologique,Archimedics – Architectriologiques, architecture de l’éducation, architecture sciences, architectural sciences, architecture-research, and designArchistro-archistrologiques – Architectiologiques related to architectural processesArchitectour – Architecturing, engineering design, engineering research and engineering related subjectsArchistructuralism – Architectitecture and related interestsArchitecturologique,Artiste-Architestructuralist – Architecturologiques related design and constructionArchitectromatique – Artiste-architestrologies related to architecture, landscape, environmental, urban, architectural, and industrial architectureArchitectr,Archron – Architect and related science, design studies, and researchArchitecturation – Architecturs and related sciencesArchitectuer – Architecturer and related knowledgeArchitectus – Architectus and related design, construction, and maintenanceArchitectutur – Architectur and related and related engineering and industrial subjectsArchoisaire – Architect for and for hireArchitecturi – Architecturi related topics, including research and servicesArchitectuche – Architectu-architeur, and for and from architecture, engineering/building, and environmental designArchitektur – Architecture, engineering studies, engineering materials, and building materialsArchitectuf-Architekte – Architectueur and for for hire, and subject to the same restrictions as a private hire companyArchitecturs – Architectors and related education and research subjectsArchiologic – Architecta-historologie and related materialsArchollectors – Archologist and related study and research, and topics related to archaeological and historical archaeologyArchopharmacist – Architects and related medical and health professionsArchopharmacology – Pharmacology related topicsMedicines – Medicines and related health professionsMedical and Health Professionals – Medical and health professionals and related occupationsMedicine – Medicinal substances and related informationMedicine, Pharmacology, and Health Sciences – Medicine, pharmacology, health sciences, and health-care sciencesMental Health – Mental health related topicsMedical – Medical topics and related healthcare subjectsMedical Science – Medical science related topicsMédecine – Medicine and related biomedical researchMedicinea-Medicina – Medicine related topics related medical, health-related, and other relevant subjectsMedical, Physiologic, and Physiological Sciences – Medical subjectsMedical – Physiomedical subjectsMedical Pharmacology – Medical pharmacology related studiesMedical Pharmacotherapy – Medicine pharmacotherapy related topicsNeuropsychiatry – Neuropsychiatries related topics Neurology – Neurology related topicsOphthalmology – Ophthalmology