What’s the difference between an architectural engineer and an architect? October 19, 2021 October 19, 2021 admin

The two are related but not quite the same, according to a new infographic from architectural engineering firm Accenture.

The infographic, which is part of its “Architectural Engineers Salary Report” series, reveals the salary gap between architects and engineers, and lays out some of the differences that arise in the profession.

The average salary of an architectural professional is $1.8 million, which compares to $2.5 million for an architect.

The gap in salaries between architects versus engineers can be a bit deceiving, however, as the infographic points out that many factors influence a person’s position in the field, including experience, qualifications, and work experience.

“We’re able to identify some of these key factors that contribute to a person becoming an architect, and we’re able not only to predict salaries, but also how those salaries might change in the future,” says Robert Ollman, chief operating officer of Accenture Architectural Engineering.

“The information we’ve gathered from the infographic is the basis for us to provide our clients with insight into how these roles can change over time, whether that’s to a more collaborative approach or to more of a management approach.”

The infographic also includes a look at how the profession has evolved over the years, showing the number of architects in the U.S. has more than doubled in the past 10 years.

The number of professionals is also on the rise, as more companies and industries embrace the practice.

According to Accenture, there were 2.3 million architects employed in 2016, up from 1.6 million in 2013.

The majority of these workers are employed by technology companies and financial services firms, while some are employed in manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

For example, in the retail industry, a typical architect earns $150,000 a year, while an engineer earns $250,000.

The survey also notes that the number one profession that graduates from architecture schools in the United States is accounting, with about 30 percent of architects earning degrees from architecture programs.

Architecture graduates also tend to be older than other professions.

An average of 44 percent of the graduating architects in 2016 were over 50 years old, according the survey.

The profession is also growing in popularity internationally.

The percentage of architects worldwide who are in senior roles grew by over 40 percent in the last decade, according Accenture’s survey.

Accenture estimates that the average salary for an architecture graduate will be $230,000, up 50 percent from $130,000 in 2016.