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By now you’ve probably read the news that Google is acquiring the architecture and design consultancy firm Architektur for $1.9bn, as well as the news of a possible IPO.

Both of these are great news for architecture lovers and architects, but what will Architektur bring to the table?

What’s new?

What is the future of architecture?

And what is Architeka’s legacy?

Architektogek has been working with architects for a number of years, and their work has a lot of potential for architecture.

We’re still working out the details, but we can safely say that Architeks design style is the epitome of a modern design, a design that is focused on the practicality of architecture.

Architektural has been around since the mid-1990s, and they’ve worked on a number different projects, including the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the World Trade Centre.

In the past few years, they’ve also focused on more contemporary architecture.

The work they’ve done with the Sydney Tower and the new Sydney Opera House was particularly impressive, as was the work they did on the Sydney Opera Garden and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

While Architeki has been making a name for themselves in the architecture industry, they have also been working on other projects, such as the iconic London Bridge and London Eye.

Architecture is still a niche field, but it is rapidly becoming more popular than ever before, thanks to the internet.

It’s easy to find architecture courses online, and for many architects, it’s a perfect fit.

Many of these courses are open to everyone, and it’s easier than ever to find the right course to suit your needs.

ArchiveArchitectures work has often been called ‘architecture at work’, and it certainly has some of the hallmarks of that.

Architekwasek has a great reputation for the level of detail they work with, which makes their work both practical and unique.

We’ve been able to learn a lot from the team and their projects, and we’re hoping that Architektur will bring something new to the field.

Architetur has been a small firm for years, but in 2016 they announced a new initiative, the ‘Architectur Project’.

The aim of this new initiative is to bring architects together in order to share information and collaborate on projects.

We are really excited about this, and I know it will be a great collaboration between Architekktogeks designers and the Architeture team.

We can’t wait to see what Architeklaktur brings to the world of architecture, and this acquisition of Architekr will help to accelerate the development of the firm.

Archi-architects is a small company with a small focus, but they’re making some big waves in the world.

In 2017, they announced the development and launch of a new online design course for architects and engineers.

In 2018, they made the announcement that they would be adding a new design studio in Australia, with a view to building the largest and most sophisticated design studio the world has ever seen.

Archiatur has also worked on the development for the Sydney Metro Rail, which is being built as part of the NSW Government’s Vision Zero project.

It was the first Metro rail project in Australia to have its design developed by a group of experts, and will be the biggest transit project in the country.

It will be possible to see the finished Metro Rail on Sydney HarbourLink at the end of 2018.

Archimodels latest project, a brand new building, will be in the heart of the CBD.

Designed by the renowned architect and former partner, Michael McPherson, the project is an innovative architecture that will be built on a series of podiums that will sit on the site of the former NSW Labor Government offices.

The building is expected to open in 2020, and the architects hope to see it become a symbol of the city.

Archibarch has been building skyscrapers and shopping malls for decades, and now they’re aiming to build a new building in Sydney.

The plans for the project have been in the works for years now, and today we have a look at what the project will look like.

Archivists at Archibarch are building a brand-new building, a tower in the CBDThe design of the new building will be inspired by the iconic Sydney Harbour Towers, which the firm’s design team created in the 1990s.

It is expected that the project, which will feature a total of six buildings on three floors, will include offices, residential and retail space, and is set to open before the end at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Archivist at Archivists latest project is the largest shopping mall in the cityArchitects latest project will be called ‘The Gateway’, and will feature more than 60 retail, residential, entertainment and dining spaces and a new public plaza.

The project will also feature a new entrance