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The World Cup has seen plenty of moments where the football gods came crashing down, but it’s hard to think of a better one than when a referee had to decide whether to give a penalty or not.

As the clock ticked down to the final whistle, the referee suddenly realised he was going to be called on by his own players and asked whether he should send off a man who had not touched the ball for 10 minutes.

As a result, the ref took the penalty in his final minutes and went to celebrate with his teammates.

The video is from the UEFA Champions League qualifier between Dinamo Zagreb and Zenit St Petersburg, in which Zenit goalkeeper Vladislav Tkachenko was shown a yellow card.

The referee is seen standing at the edge of the goal to stop Zenit from scoring.

As Tkacshenko tries to make a save, he is suddenly stopped by two Zenit players, and the referee is forced to send the ball into the goal.

But then Zenit player Andrei Konstantinovskiy intervenes and takes the penalty.

With Tkaca’s effort already saved, Zenit can go into extra time.

Tkacsakhy is shown a second yellow card by the referee, and after a long discussion, Zenits players are shown the red card.

Zenit’s fans celebrate with a team of Zenit fans after their second goal was saved.

Zenits fans cheer as a second goal is scored against Dinamo Zenit.

The ref can be seen taking out his smartphone to look at the video.

The second yellow is not shown, but there’s still plenty of action to be seen on the field, as Zenit scores the next goal and then takes the lead.