How to tell if an architectural icon is a ‘classic’ or ‘modern’ icon in China? September 18, 2021 September 18, 2021 admin

In China, the word “classic” can mean anything from a house that was built before the 1920s to a building that was renovated after the 1950s.

It also can mean an older building or an architect who has spent years working on the same building.

The Chinese government and some of the country’s most prominent architects have come under fire for their apparent efforts to “modernize” buildings.

They’ve often gone against the countrys history and the history of its architecture, while others have criticized them for their design.

The most famous example is the so-called Great Wall of China, a massive, 4,000-mile (7,200-kilometer) high, 3,500-mile-long, 1,400-mile stretch of wall built from 1964 to 1972.

The wall’s construction was considered the pinnacle of China’s architecture.

It was completed to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Republic, the first country to establish a government.

In its recent architectural history report, the China Institute of Architectural History, an independent institution in Beijing, said its architects had tried to “advance the idea that the construction of a wall is the same as the building itself.”

They tried to create a “cultural connection between architecture and the people of China,” said the report, which was published Wednesday.

The report also cited “political, social, and economic” motives for building the wall.

The wall was designed by Zhang Hui, a professor of Chinese architecture at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In a 2005 book, he wrote that China was in a “state of revolution” and “anarchists are now ruling the country.”

He also suggested that the government should use its architectural skills to build a “wall of unity” to protect the country from a foreign invasion.

But critics say the government is attempting to build on the wall’s legacy by using it as a symbol of its own cultural achievements.

They say the Great Wall has been hijacked by Beijing, which is trying to paint it as the work of a few talented Chinese architects who are also doing the best they can with the country.

The building has been criticized for its size and scope, with some criticizing its construction in terms of the “cultural heritage” of China.

“It is absolutely wrong,” said Zhou Yi, a political science professor at Beijing’s Hainan University.

“The wall is a great achievement, but it is not the work in itself.”

“They are trying to create an icon for China.

This is very dangerous,” he added.

The China Institute said it will publish its own report on the project next year.