Architects to write architectural letter to President Donald Trump September 17, 2021 September 17, 2021 admin

The letter from architects to Trump, including John D. and Catherine T. Anderson, will outline the work of their architecture firm in his administration.

The letter will also call on Trump to keep the U.S. open to foreign investment.

“As the president prepares to take office, his administration should make sure that we are making it easier for foreign investors to invest in America,” the letter said.

The Anderson family, which owns the Chicago architecture firm Anderson + Partners, has been lobbying for a new president to lift the ban on foreign ownership in U.s. real estate.

The firm’s letters have been critical of the administration and criticized the president for the deaths of police officers.

The couple said they have been a firm supporter of the president and his agenda, and called the letter an endorsement of his policies.

“It is clear that our firm, with our expertise, is committed to working with the administration to advance a new architecture-led agenda that benefits American citizens,” the Anderson + Associates letter said, referring to Trump’s first order that banned new construction of new housing in the U, as well as the construction of a border wall.

“We believe this is an appropriate moment for the president to honor our strong commitment to American businesses and our employees by making changes to the law.”

Trump’s administration has made a series of concessions to U. countries, particularly China, on the issue of foreign investment in real estate and the construction and rehabilitation of existing properties.

Trump has also made changes to visa and travel restrictions, including allowing for the use of drones for surveillance of U.N. meetings.

“The Anderson + Anderson letter is an important statement of the firm’s support for the President and the administration’s agenda, especially in the context of the U S-China trade war,” the firm said in a statement.