How to use an AI to discover and recommend new architectural projects September 12, 2021 September 12, 2021 admin

A new AI that’s built to find and recommend architecture projects to its users is changing the way designers, builders, and engineers build.

The architecture team at Kite, the maker of the KiteBox, built an AI that uses deep learning to discover new projects based on the project descriptions, photos, and other contextual information to recommend the most promising projects to users.

Kite hopes this AI will lead to new ways for architects and other professionals to discover projects and help the environment.

KITEBOX, which means “the next generation of architectural tools,” can tell you how to build a skyscraper, or what the layout should look like, using your photos, text, and the architecture’s description.

The Kitebox can be used to recommend architectural projects to a user, or by the designers themselves, according to Kite’s blog post.

Users can then choose from the recommended projects to build, and then the AI can recommend projects based off of their preferences.

For example, Kite says, “You can choose a project that would be a great addition to your home and office, or a project you wouldn’t want to use unless it is a design element that is already being used in your existing building.”

The AI then takes a look at a few projects from your photos and decides which ones to recommend based on how you might build them, the Kites post explains.

It’s all based on what the user has to say about the project, Kites explains, and it will recommend the best project for you based on those comments.

The AI will also recommend projects for a user based on their skills and experience, which is important to architects because they are generally the ones who tend to be building more complex projects.

Kites also says it has a feature that can help users make recommendations based on an individual’s preferences.

If you have a passion for a certain design element, it will suggest you a project to build that would match that passion, or vice versa, depending on the user’s interests.

KITES project architecture can be found here.