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Posted November 20, 2019 04:17:30A lot of the work done on new buildings around Australia goes unreported, but the construction of the world’s tallest skyscraper in the world may be a bit more complicated.

The project is a new skyscraper that will be built to house offices for the Australian Government.

A spokesman for the State Government told ABC News that the building was the first of its kind in Australia and is being built to accommodate about 3,500 workers.

“It’s an international-style skyscraper,” the spokesman said.

“We’re actually the first one in the country to do this.”

The Government says the building will be used for government business and will employ about 200 people, although the spokesman would not say how many.

The spokesman said the building would be used “as a work-related office”.

“We’re expecting it to be a major asset for our economy and a major employment generator,” he said.

“It will be a very large building.”

Construction is expected to start next year.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was delighted that the Government was creating jobs and creating jobs for Australians.

“We will be looking at a new construction project for our city,” he told reporters.

The Government’s statement said the buildings would be built with local materials.

The Federal Government is investing $2 billion to build a new $100 million building for the Commonwealth in Melbourne.

In March 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a $200 million construction stimulus package for Sydney.

It is the first $100m construction package announced by the Government in the last four years.

Mr Morrison said he hoped to see “significant” construction in the city.

He also announced the opening of the “Melbourne of the future” by 2022. ABC/wires