The San Francisco skyline looks more like a cartoon version of the one from the 1980s, thanks to the addition of the Pacific Heights neighborhood. August 23, 2021 August 23, 2021 admin

The Pacific Heights was the original heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which was completed in 1911 and was later extended to Marin County, becoming the tallest in the country.

It was also the first city in the nation to include two distinct buildings, one a “palm” structure and one a triangular, circular structure.

It’s now known as the Pacific Towers, and they were originally designed to be mixed-use, with residential, retail, and office spaces in each building.

But the addition to the Pacific Streets of Pacific Heights in late 2018 brought with it a change in the design of the structures.

Instead of a traditional, triangular structure, the new structure has three parallel-faced columns, instead of the two currently on the Pacific.

The new structure also has a canopy, which gives the Pacific a more tropical look.

It also looks much more like the original, Pacific Heights.

The Pacific Towers were created with the support of the San Francisco Planning Department and are expected to be completed in 2021.