Why you should be an architect, not a lawyer August 23, 2021 August 23, 2021 admin

Architectural technologist Michaela Saini has spent her career working with architects and designing projects for the government, business, academia and private clients.

She has also designed a range of high-end homes and apartments for wealthy individuals.

The BBC Sport architecture reporter, who has been featured in Architectural Digest and the Architectural Journal, has spent the past year researching the careers of architects.

Michaela says: “It’s a real question for me as an architect whether I should be a lawyer or a designer.”

She has been looking at the roles and roles of architects in different professions across the globe.

“I’ve been working with a number of architects and I’ve found that they’re often in the same industry, so it’s really important to understand the roles they’re involved in and the roles that they do.”

Michaela has been speaking to architects about their career paths and careers in Australia.

What is a lawyer?

The Australian Lawyers Association defines an architect as someone who “specialises in the design of buildings and residential or commercial properties”.

It says the roles of a lawyer include representing clients in disputes with the government and in court.

“The role of an architect in the architecture profession is to provide legal advice to the Government, and provide guidance and technical support to the construction of buildings, as well as assist in planning and construction,” the association says.

Michael a lawyer at the ABC’s Inside Architecture programme in Brisbane.

Photo: Ben Rushton What does an architect do?

“Architectural technologists are responsible for designing and building complex and large buildings, such as skyscrapers, townhouses, town halls, residential buildings, and commercial buildings,” the Association says.

“They also design and construct interiors, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and so on.

They also provide the building with mechanical and electrical systems.”

Michael a builder.

Photo, Alan Whitehouse A lawyer who works in architecture can work with a building contractor, designer, designer-builder or architect-in-residence.

They can also have a range or skills including structural engineering, electrical engineering, interior design, architectural photography, engineering design, civil engineering, and planning.

A lawyer can work for both the architect and the building contractor.

“Archist architects are generally well-respected professionals who can provide expert advice and advise the builder to ensure the building is constructed according to its specific requirements,” the organisation says.

A legal career in architecture Michaela is now focusing on the careers and careers of architect-builders.

“So far I’ve worked with architects, designers and builders across Australia,” she says.

She says many architects, architects-builders and architects-in a variety of industries have had successful careers in architecture.

Michael says: “[Architecture is] a career that you can build upon for a very long time and be a good lawyer, but also be very involved in your industry and be involved in all the other areas.”

Michael says she has seen the careers offered by architects and builders are varied.

“One of the most interesting things is the work that the builder does.

They’re often involved in planning, construction, and the construction process.”

Michael has also been speaking with architects about the roles available to architects.

“It really does depend on what you want to do, what your career interests are, what you’re looking for, and where you’re going to live,” she said.

A successful architect Michaela and her partner, Alan, in Brisbane’s CBD.

Photo Alan White House and property architect Michael.

Photo from Michaela’s website.

“You’ve got to be really ambitious and have the right skillset, which is what you need to be an architecture lawyer, so that you’re able to work on building applications, the design phase, design design and design and then work on the actual construction phase.”

How long does it take to get a job in architecture?

“A typical architectural career takes around four to six years, but architects and architects in particular are often looking for a more long-term, long-standing, and stable career, which means they are also looking for something more challenging, like the architect-builder career,” says Michaela.

Michael explains: “Archists and architects are very focused on their clients’ needs and the needs of the community, so there is a focus on a community-driven approach.

You can build homes for families, but you also need to do more with your skillset to provide community service to the community.”

Where can I apply?

“If you want a full-time job with a large client, it’s best to apply to the architectural firm,” says Mike.

“But I’ve also seen an increasing number of people applying to design or design projects, as they want to work at a smaller scale, say for a small company.”

Michael and Alan are looking for people who can design buildings for small or medium-sized firms, and also work on projects for smaller companies.

Where do I find work in architecture in Australia?