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“There are many things that I do that are quite abstract,” said the architect and publicist, who has worked for both clients and architects.

“There is nothing that is really concrete.”

“I love the abstract,” she added.

“I think it is so freeing.

I can do anything.”

When asked what she would change about her work, she said she would focus on the architecture, not the publicists.

But she did say she would do a better job of explaining what the work is doing.

“If I were to get in a rush and make something concrete, it would be too abstract.

I am trying to capture what the architectural process is about, and what the building is doing.” 

“The architecture is a tool that I use to be creative and not constrained by constraints,” said Mr. Davis.

“It is something that is very powerful and important.” 

He added that his firm has worked on more than 100 projects with clients including the New York City Transit system, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New Orleans Public Library, the University of Chicago, and the United Nations. 

“It’s a tool, it is not a matter of ideology,” said Davis. 

He said that the “real-world” part of the project was the “artful use of the architecture to tell the story and to evoke the feeling of the building.” 

“What you’re seeing is not just the work, but the building,” he said.

“You’re not just seeing what you think it looks like.

You’re seeing what it feels like.

It’s a visual language that you have to use.” 

According to the Architects and Engineers Society of America, architects must “make the building their most important object, their most essential object, and their most meaningful object.” 

The project also aims to “reject the dominant architectural practice that we see as overstated, overrated, or over-reliant on form and formality,” according to the architects. 

The new site for Pediment Architects will be in Brooklyn, New York, but Davis said the project will “push forward and expand” to include locations around the country. 

According the website, the project is designed by a team of architects and urban planners from around the world.

The project is expected to take up to a year to complete. 

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