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LONDON — The British architect who designed the Millennium Bridge has said he’s “disgusted” by the lack of interest in the project.

The bridge is part of the city’s Millennium Project, which aims to restore the pedestrian-friendly, pedestrian-only, pedestrianised Britannia Bridge and to encourage new development.

The plan includes a new high-rise hotel, a public art gallery and a pedestrian walkway.

But many of the ideas and ideas for the design of the bridge are also considered “toxic” and “dangerous”, according to British architecture critic Peter R. MacKay.

Architectural critics have been calling for a “new” bridge for years, and a lot of the projects that have been put forward for the Millennium Project have been criticized by architects, writers and urbanists for being too “destructive.”

In a recent interview with the British architect, Peter R McNeil, he said that while the Millennium project was “very much in the spirit of [its] own vision,” it was not being taken seriously enough.

“The Millennium Bridge, as it is known, is meant to replace the old, crumbling Britannia bridge in the heart of London.

It was opened in 1875 as the first bridge between the city and the East End, replacing the London Bridge.

But despite its popularity, the project was cancelled after it was cancelled in 2020 after the death of the late Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath.

Since then, many of its proposals have been withdrawn.

In 2017, a redesign of the Millennium bridge was announced, but the project has been delayed again.

Roughly 80 percent of the design work has been done.

However, critics have criticized the decision to give the project no new funding.

They argue that it was a “bipartisan” project that was created for London’s residents to get on with their lives and were not properly considered by planners.

In the meantime, the bridge has seen numerous delays, and is now undergoing another design review.

A spokesperson for the project told The Associated Press that the project is “very, very important.”

The spokesperson added that there is “no reason” for Londoners to be disappointed about the Millennium, as they have the opportunity to get their lives back in order.