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The lego architects behind Seattle’s iconic and beloved “Tree House” architecture are making some pretty bold claims about their work, and it’s not pretty.

The “Treehouse” is a three-story structure made from Lego bricks and topped with wood-frame beams that can be used to create a roof, and the architects claim they have a way to make it even taller.

The building was created by Seattle-based architecture firm Soa Architecture for the Seattle Art Museum, but has now been replaced by a brand new building, which will also house the Seattle City Council’s “Art for Life” program.

The new building is called “The Treehouse,” and will be located in the center of the City Hall district on a large piece of land near the Seattle River.

Soa plans to turn the site into an “open space, with a central courtyard, a public plaza and a large sculpture garden.”

The building is currently under construction, with the completion date set for mid-December.

The architects have already raised $8 million in funding to get the project underway.

The project is an important step for Soa, who have worked on several high-profile projects, including the $5.5 million $1.9 million project to transform the site of a former Japanese factory into a community park, and a $1 million $2.8 million project called “Tree-house: A City in the Sky,” which was dedicated to the future of Seattle.

“Tree-houses are one of the most influential architectural trends in the world, with their bold and varied style, which is reflected in their high status and the fact that they have become a cultural phenomenon,” said Soa architect Daniel Mascolo in a press release.

“Their iconic shapes and their innovative use of materials are inspiring to architects and building designers everywhere.”

The “tree house” was created with a series of “lego bricks” and has a total of 25 different buildings on its exterior, according to the architects.

The buildings are built in a way that the exterior façade of the building is the same size as the floor.

Soap, windows and light fixtures are all created using Lego bricks, and all of the structure is constructed with wood panels.

The design team said they had to design and build the building to make sure it would be safe for the community, because it would need to withstand the elements.

Soas construction team says the building will be constructed of Lego bricks in the future.

“The Tree House is a city in the sky,” said Mascolos website.

“We have a goal to transform our community into a space that will be open and connected to nature and the natural world, and to be the greenest city in America.

It is not just a symbol for a particular building, but also for the city’s transformation.

It will be the world’s tallest building in the city of Seattle.”

The architects said they have worked with the City Council to make the building safe for use as a building, with additional safety measures in place for future visitors to the building.

They also said they hope the building can be an important building piece for the City.

Soa said the building was a major step in the City’s transformation, and that it will serve as an example for other projects in the community.

The designers also promised that future “Tree Houses” will be bigger, taller and more beautiful than the current building, and they said the “Treehouses” will continue to grow in stature.

“We are constantly learning from each other, and our team is continually expanding,” Mascola said.

“The City of Seattle will be one step closer to its vision for a future that is connected to the natural environment and sustainable buildings, not just in our city, but across the country.”

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