A ‘snowflake’ facade in a new building in India’s capital, New Delhi, looks like a snowflake, but in reality it is the facade of a building with a new glass facade July 29, 2021 July 29, 2021 admin

A new glass-and-steel facade at a new office building in the Indian capital, Delhi, has made it look like a snowyflake.

The facade of the five-story building is covered in snow, but the building has a glass facade, according to a new report by architectural news website, GlassHouse.

The new facade is the result of an ongoing project by the Indian government to build new buildings with a glass- and-steel facades, said the report.

The project aims to create a more aesthetically pleasing building environment for the city, it said.

The GlassHouse report said the glass facade of an office building that is covered with snow, and a building that has a modern facade, looks different.

It also showed that in some cases, the new glass façade looked like a piece of paper.

GlassHouse said that while the glass-facade facade is “not as beautiful as a traditional facade, it does give the impression of the facade as a snowflake,” and that it would be interesting to see how the glass facades of the buildings look in other parts of the world.