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An architecture school in India is set to launch an app that allows students to share their ideas for building, with the aim of bringing an “architectural vision” to the Indian market.

The app, named Architectural Vision, will feature videos of various architectural elements, such as walls, floors, corridors, and walls of buildings, to encourage students to “visualise” their ideas in a new way.

The project aims to help students “explore a visual and interactive architecture vision to see the possibilities of building a new architecture in India,” according to the Architectural Visualisation Project (AVP).

The app is designed to encourage student participation in building projects.

“Architecture students have the ability to engage with the design and construction process, the architecture profession and society,” the project said in a statement.

The aim of the project is to encourage and inspire students to pursue the profession and contribute to the development of the nation, it added.

The developer of the app said that it would not use the data of the students for advertising purposes.

“We will not share any information about the students or their academic data,” it said.

“The students will be able to create their own personal profiles, and share their architectural visions and build their own structures.”

The developer said that the app will be available in the next few months.

“As soon as we launch Architectural Image, we will also introduce an additional feature, which will allow students to upload a photograph or video of their building,” the developer said.

The first batch of the Architecture Visualisation project is set for completion by September.

The AVP said that there were 2,500 students participating in the project, who were offered the opportunity to share the vision of their buildings with other students.